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Design and Development

Website designing

We stay technologically agnostic in order to successfully deliver any web technology project for our clients. Our agile and organic process marries designers and developers to develop stable, functional, and beautiful results for our clients.

Devine Design

Our experience design experts analyze and design the user experience from multiple points of view, taking into account practical, aesthetic, and emphatic factors.

An Integrated Team

The team at Nextgen is made up of both interaction designers and information architects. This combination allows for agile access to cross-discipline expertise and learning across any development lifecycle and enables ability to scale projects depending on specific client needs, timelines and budgets.

SEO is Go!

Our team leverages organic search and other related data to provide unique insight that can inform your marketing activities from strategic development to tactical execution.

Diversified Offerings

We make sure not to put all of our eggs in one basket. We remain certified and trained across a plethora of web technologies and digital platforms, making sure we can deliver the right solution to our clients and not limit our offerings.

Battle Tested and Fully Optimized

We conduct thorough content, function, load and analytics quality assurance testing before launch but we don’t leave you high and dry after that. Once you’re out in the wild, we provide technical consultation and guidance to address issues, provide support, push patches or updates an optimize site performance.



Over 90 percent of what we do is digital. And 100 percent of what we do is focused on the people who matter to your business. So we don't just make banners, emails, videos, apps, tweets, posts or sites. We create disciplined, data-based digital direct campaigns that bring measurable results.

Integrated Partnerships

We have deep expertise and a wide network of specialists in every possible digital direct channel – Mobile, UX, Social, eCRM, Content, Search and Performance Media, to name just a few.

Full Stack Strategy

We bring together copywriters and front-end developers, business strategists and data analysts. So you can access one of the industry's few, true end-to-end offerings – including discovery, strategy, design, build and optimization.

Digital Marketing


Integrated Marketing

Unique Planning Methodology

Our unique planning methodology, places the customer at the center of our process. This facilitates development of channel-agnostic solutions and a cohesive experience across all customer touch points.

Exemplary Experience

Right from the start, NextGen has been devising and delivering integrated marketing solutions for global clients.

Integrated Thinking

Our people are trained across all aspects of marketing and can move deftly from channel to channel depending on the needs of customers.

Loyalty Flows Both Ways

The real business results we deliver have earned the trust of our clients, enabling us to act in the lead agency role, integrating across all touch points to drive a cohesive customer experience.



We are uniquely positioned to create data-driven loyalty programs that help clients reinforce and reward desired behaviors and unlock Total Customer Value.

Data & Creativity

As the world’s leading Customer Engagement agency, we bring big data and big ideas to the table. It's a combination that can make existing programs more relevant and take Customer Engagement to entirely new places.

Fueled by Data and Analytics

Data and analytics are the foundation of our business. Our data management, dashboard reporting and data visualization tools and processes give clients the right insights at the right time to make informed decisions.

Future Oriented

We help brands form lasting relationships with their customers by putting attention on developing not just the structural, financial and emotional bonds of loyalty, but also by kindling the increasingly important social bonds.

Loyalty Marketing


Search Solutions


We link search with strategy to make brands, products and companies relevant to targeted audiences in paid, organic and social results.

Insights Are Everywhere

We have experts who work from so many angles that we’re able to capture insights quickly, innovate on multiple platforms and service clients at both a local and a global level. We will test and optimize to help elevate your search marketing efforts.

Be Ready When Customers Are

Paid search allows brands to interact with people who are ready to take action. The keywords that searchers use also represent how people think. Smart marketers realize that these acquired insights about the complexity of consumer thought and the total transparency offered by search are quickly being applied in the development of other media formats.

Use What Works

Through data and analytics, we know what generates high click-through and conversions. We know what audiences are searching for. SEO generates an extremely high rate of return when it’s properly executed, which means putting the proper measurement processes into place and tying optimization to real revenues.



Social media has forever changed the way brands communicate with consumers. Used well, we believe it offers a live Customer Engagement platform that can promote social commerce and take customers from interest to advocacy.

The Marathon, Not the Sprint

We prepare our clients for the long haul by looking at the Total Customer Value of a relationship. We take into account not just the transactional and lifetime value, but also the advocacy and collaboration value of a relationship.

Brands with Benefits

Through a customer-centric approach, we leverage the full capabilities of today’s social platforms to support acquisition, trial and retention by nurturing a content-rich, open conversation between your brand and your customers.

Friends, Fans and Loyalists

Segmentation is key to understanding engagement through today’s social CRM platforms. We focus on understanding all the constituencies within your social audience and use targeting strategies to enhance the engagement and value of each.

Social CRM

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